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Blessings In Disguise

When I was pregnant It was one of the best and worst experiences I have ever had. Let me elaborate on that! My little guy Was hidden behind my placenta so i didn't feel him much, no hard jabs, no kicks while I was trying to sleep, he favoured pasta and deep fried chicken fingers anything else and he made me evacuate it quickly. But at about 20 weeks in I Found out I had gestational diabetes and needed to gracefully jab my self with needles full of insulin twice a day and check my sugars 6 times a day. Even when I ate what was recommended those sugars still spiked and I remember literally counting carrots to make sure they were under my sugar levels. I struggled to keep the food down and felt so hungry and craved carbs hard! I remember looking at the sugars on the back of the milk jug standing there with the fridge door open crying because I couldn't even drink a glass of milk before bed or my sugars would jump too high and I don't even like milk!! I didn't dare cheat on my sugars as I felt so guilty and was scared for my little guy. Every time we went into get weighed I was lighter and lighter due to the massive food changes. But this my friends I call a blessing, punch me if you'd like, but I came out of pregnancy 20 pounds lighter then before i was pregnant with a healthy beautiful boy! I call that a blessing in disguise. What are some of your pregnancy stories I'd love to hear them.

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