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Do what you love!

I knew photography went way back for me. But it was not until I was rummaging through old photos that I realized it went back further. I longed for a baby sister for years I mean years. Every year I looked through the Sears catalogue and pointed out to my Mom the perfect baby sister, unknowingly that it was actually the outfit on the baby for sale. Every year around Christmas my mom would say babies are on back order this year. Finally one year my wish came true. I did everything with her I mean everything we are 10 years apart so to this day she feels like mine and not so much a sister. As it turns out, I was so in love with her that I took tons of newborn photos of her at just 10 years old! I would pull out the old film camera and set her up in a chair or on a blanket and snap away! So I suppose I was always destined for this!

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