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Mother- hustler

I am working from home today. Who am I kidding I work from home every day, 24hrs a day really except when I'm out shooting a session or at the Physio clinic. Otherwise, its a ton of behind the scenes office work, making props and editing.

I want to encourage all you stay at home mamas, work at home moms and even full-time working moms. Trying to rock this mom boss business is not a joke let me tell you. A lot of the time you see these moms that look so put together and you're looking at them wondering how do you do it? And most days, to be honest, that's me or at least it appears my life is put together when in reality I am a hot mess!

Let me tell you...... today my hair is a mess, I have not showered, and my coffee is freezing but I have a 4 -year -old so I'm pretty used to that! Defiantly not my typical put together self with hair and makeup done ... nope, I'm pretty sure my skin looks dead. I have a to-do list as long as an old Chinese scroll that I keep scratching things off and putting things back on to FOR LIKE WEEKS PEOPLE! There are old cheerios floating around, the coffee pot is out of coffee again because I've had my 100th cup this morning....... trying to survive, I'm seriously considering an intravenous to coffee beans. The garbage is overflowing and I basically look like trash, I slept in this shirt last night ... yeah.

There is laundry overflowing, enough mind you for a small little army. Can someone please tell me where all these people are hiding? I will seriously reward you! My living room is covered in toys from the kid and pets, that I kid you not have cleaned serval times today already. I swear it's like brushing your teeth while eating Oreos over here.

Sometimes being a mom boss does not mean we are perfectly put together and sometimes not even a designated workspace and constantly pulling out our hair.

Secret time! Sometimes I'm literally working while my toddler uses me as a jungle gym, So if you get a strange message its probably because his foot pressed send and autocorrect helped alter what it thinks my phone should have said. LOVELY! Sometimes I try and hide in my home office, but... not long before you hear a little voice say: Hello?.... from the other side. ( Don't worry my partner is also on the other side too) Most of the time I work from my kitchen instead ... Glamorous right? But it works allows me to work and play with my little dude at once and he has fun bringing me cool toys.

I am a mom boss, boss lady, girlfriend, Mom, Whatever you want to call me. It's ok mamas if you reheated your coffee 100 times, it's ok if you have not showered today. We are in this together I am a mom just like you, and you can do this! Even If you have to pay the bills with your toddler right under your nose. What matters is that you are the best mama your little ones can ask for. They arn't going to remember the mound of laundry in the hallway ( which they probably think is so fun), or the community cheerio laying around, or that your face looks Instagram ready. They just love you and your presents so it's ok to not want to adult today or just struggling to be a person in general! EMBRACE THE HOT MESS! Your kids think you're a pretty cook laundry folding jungle gym. So whether you are a stay at home mom, Mom boss or Full-time employee you are a Mother - Hustler and you're rocking it!

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